luce aknin

OE / design for all

Directed by F. Azambourg – ENSCI les ateliers – Institut de la Vision
December 2012

La carafe OE permet de filtrer et verser uniquement la dose contenue dans un verre d’eau à chaque versage. Adaptée aux déficients visuels, elle guide le mouvement de remplissage du verre par un jeu de contraste tactile (gravures dans le verre indiquant l’orientation du bec) et visuel, pour une meilleure autonomie. Pour autant, cette carafe convient également aux voyants, curieux peut être de percevoir nos simples objets quotidiens différemment.

The OE jug is a jug that filters the dose contained in one glass of water and enables the user to fill no more than this quantity each time he tilt the jug. Designed initially for visually impaired person, it guides the movement of filling a glass by tactile and visual contrasts, offering a better independence to its user.

Filling a mere glass of water is a nightmare for visually impaired person, who don’t see transparent materials such as glass and water… Using color and tactile contrasts, the user is able now to perceive the jug, know where the spout of the jug is by its texture. To wash it, just unscrew the lower part to take out the blue element inside that contain the filter and place everything in the washing machine. The texture on the outside side of the jug, engraved and sanded, helps its prehension and indicate the spout side. The following pictures explain how the dosing works.

This project is an alternative to stigmatizing objects that visually impaired people have to carry all the time. This jug is made for everyone, it simply offers another way to perceive our simple objects of everyday life.